How’s interactive wayfinding kiosk makes navigation and guiding through 3D map ?

Wayfinding makes navigation less stressful for visitors, guests, employees, customers, or students to navigate any property. The familiar map-like interface showcases distinctive common points of interest such as washrooms, meeting rooms, restaurants, leisure facilities, retail outlets and so forth. Users simply tap or click where they’d like to go, and a clear path is highlighted for them to follow. To avoid any possible touch contamination, Interactive Wayfinding can also be accessed on a mobile device via a QR code shown on a kiosk.

Interactive wayfinding kiosk display technology

Our display screen media players with superior technology of 4K decoding pcb board that delivers at least full HD video playback, with many of the players also delivering 4K content.

  • Decrease Wastage -Avoid the need for physical brochures, paper maps, and guides.

  • Enhanced performance – Touch information kiosk makes problem easy to get answers and effecient for next movement.Reduce administrative resource to guide visitors to their preferred destination.

  • Visitor Experience -Enhance the visitor experience with less stress in navigating an unfamiliar property.

  • Increase Sales Figures -Deliver third party dynamic advertising on Digital Signage for an additional revenue stream.

  • Touch & Interactive -Touch screen solutions that can enhance your wayfinding kiosk to be interactive with commercial activities.

Indoor digital signage touch screen kiosk set up in the hotel lobby can provide guidance to visitors.

Self-service inquiry machine to provide visitors with self-service information inquiry.

Information interactive display signs with real-time of informations, to help owners save information and publicity costs.


Interactive Kiosk Management Application.

Interactive touch screen kiosk displays dynamic program at key locations within or outside offices, shops, and other public spaces. Wayfinding interactive screen can be shown as eye catching ‘red, amber,green’ graphics or simple percentages with customizable messaging.Dynamic content removes the requirement for costly reprints when information is outdated.

interactive-wayfinding-kiosk capacitive touch kiosk

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