Project Description

Lcd Video Wall With 3.5mm 1.7mm 1.8mm 0.88mm Bezel

Digital Video Experiences

LCD Video Wall allows you to have advertisements and broadcast video in sync with your target needs, while quality and performance is enhanced. Videos Wall solution will revolutionize the way you conduct business.

In order to enhance the visual expirience in amusement arena,Video wall visual technology provide a special solution to transforming old advertising board wall into an amazing experience for media entertainment and digital technology.Splicing video wall brings a shinning visual experience for multi-media advertising wall and gaming competition.

ultra thin lcd video wall

Ultra Narrow Bezel Video Wall Screen advantages:

Narrow bezel design —Industrial grade LCD panel ,high quality ,Practical ,good vision effect.

Signal interface rich — RS232, HDMI,DVI,VGA,Y Pb Pr ,AV

HD video wall unit— High brightness,high contrast,High gamut .

Flexible structure design —easy installation ,extensible,arbitrary combination

Stable performance,suitable working for a long time

Full HD LCD video wall screens features incredibly extreme narrow bezels at 0.88/1.7/ 1.8/ 3.5mm bezel-to-bezel

Seamless ultra narrow lcd video wall specs:

Model YNT-46-UN YNT-49-UN YNT-55-UN YNT-65-UN
Resolution ratio 1920*1080P                               1920*1080P 1920*1080P
Appreance size 1025.6*580*105mm 1046.8*591.6*93.5mm 1215.4*686.1*122mm 1322.3*745.7*71mm
Display area 1018.9*573.3mm 1039.87*584.64mm 1209.9*680.6mm 1318.6*741.9mm
Maximum power 250W 250W 350W 500W
Rated Power 180W 180W 280W 420W
Bilateral splicing seam 3.5/1.7/1.8/0.88mm 3.5/1.7mm/0.88 3.5/1.7/1.8/0.88mm 2.8mm
Total weight 24.7KG 25.4KG 34.6KG 26.3KG
Brightness 500/700cd/m2 1700cd/m2
Contrast 3000:1 1000000:1
Reponse time 8ms 0.001ms
Visual angle 178° 178°
Line frequency 65-70Hz Subdomain drive 600Hz
Field frequency 60Hz
Color system PAL/NTSC
Input/Output 1Vp-p, 75 Ω ,BNC×2
HDMI/DVI/VGA input ×1
Communiation interface Rs232 loops input/output
Power AC110V-240V, 50/60Hz
Temperature 0-60°C
Humidity 10%~90%
Operation PC control software for the big screen
Cooling Intelligent temperature control cooling system
Case Material SPCC
Installation Cabinet type/Floor-type/Wall-mounted


• All hardware architecture operating system;

• Multi-bus parallel processing, handling and powerful;

• Start time is less than 5 seconds, start quickly;

• No risk of virus infection, safety, good;

• Integrated multi-channel video signal source types: HDMI,DVI,VGA,Y/C, Y/Pb/Pr,composite video.

• Composite video can ring out.

• built-in 3D video separation circuit unit bright colors,

• Embedded 3D progressive processing and frame rate conversion circuit normalized unit

• Embedded 3D digital signal noise reduction unit

• to support the drive unit to 1920X1080 LCD screen

• RS232 serial remote control; per unit supports two-way RS232 ring out

• to continue to work 24 hours a day;

• easy to operate, with USER_CONTROL software can operate a flexible system.

• The underlying communication protocol can be open, flexible and user-

friendly control system or by third parties in their own Preparation of software engineering system constructed a large screen.

narrow lcd video wall display screen