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Smart Retail Shelves Bar-type screen

Smart Retail Shelves Bar-type screen2022-10-18T06:33:42+00:00

Project Description

Smart Retail Shelves Bar-type screen

Whynot Info let visitor to experience effective and entertaining signages of Smart Retail Shelves Bar-type screen, designed to the particular requirements of a commercial environment. We will revolutionize the way you conduct business.

 Extended Wide Display

Specially designed for commercial market, this  lcd advertising bar type display features two system (Android or Windows7/Win10), LG/BOE IPS high brightness panel and 10 points infrared touch. Black colored, tempered glass protected, nicely curved angels and its vertical standing design makes it perfect on eye-catching in ad/show and retail environments. Our wall digital signage screen widely used in commercial circumstance like fast-food store, ticket room, school, airport, hotel, stock exchange, movie theater, corporate, Expo, supper market and etc.

Smart Retail Shelves Bar-type screen
Ultra-Stretch-Signage LCD Digital Signage Solutions For Smart City
Smart Retail Shelves Bar-type screen

High Picture Quality (3,840 × 1,080) of Smart Retail Shelves Bar-type screen

Our ultra stretch display, which is about half the size of a 98-inch UHD display, delivers vivid and clear colors.

Flexibility for Content Management

Thanks to its bar type format, it is optimized to show a vertical or horizontal object providing a memorable viewing experiences to the viewer.

lcd digital signage solution bar type advertising screen 28 inches

Bar-type screen Applications:

Lcd stretch advertising player displays promotion advertising in commercial environments like elevator, public service, communication, media, restaurant, chain store, hotel and other retail market.

Nowsdays,we have large amount of information that’s needs to be communicated efficiently to the people around us. Dynamic and interactive digital signage is the ideal way to share and leverage it easily.

Why Whynot information Tech Interactive lcd advertising display?

Unlimited creative possibilities

Animation effects

Compatible with all types of media


Portrait or landscape

Data connection: XML, social networks, SQL, Json, Sharepoint, RSS & more




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