Museum Science-Center Gallery Display

Large multitouch displays as interactive tables, touch screen kiosk terminals or museum science-center gallery display for virtual product information in 24/7 operation even after closing time. Transparent screen displays with integrated touch screen as an innovative product showcase of the future.Transport Information More Effectively with Interactive Digital Signage Touchscreen Solutions for Museums, Galleries, Science Center.

98 inches interactive whiteboard
65 inches interactive whiteboard Museum Science-Center Gallery Display

Interactive Museum Science-Center Gallery Display: MultiTouch Info Screens, Intelligent Shelves & Product Catalogs

10 000+ Screens
1200+ Users
45+ Countries
best digital display solutions android-motherboard-rk3288 Retail Store Shop-Window solution


Use interactive touch screen systems as innovative information displays and delight your visitors. Smart virtual shelves recognize objects taken from a tray and display directly relevant information on the display. Behind transparent touch screens, you can simultaneously connect real objects to a virtual information layer in front of them.
  • Large-scale interactive video walls
  • Interactive info terminals & kiosk systems
  • Transparent multitouch screens
  • Shelves with automatic product recognition
  • Seamless multitouch displays in special formats

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