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The Magic of LG oled curved display

New display technology of LG/Samsung flexible transparent oled display.

LG oled curved display are a stunning new development in digital signage and display technology. These transparent display screens are used to communicate dynamic or interactive content via a transparent surface allowing viewers to see what is shown on the screen whilst still being able to see through the display. This solution allows designers creative ways to display content whilst curating a futuristic ‘Minority Report’ type effect.

OLED digital signage

What is a LG oled curved display?

OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode, a technology that eliminates the need for a backlight or enclosure. Standard Transparent LCD screens require backlighting to create a visible image, whereas Transparent OLED screens are made up of millions of pixels that each emit their own individual light. This opens up a whole new field of creativity in digital signage that even transparent LCD screens cannot offer. Unlike Transparent LCD screens, Transparent OLED screens display black content as transparent instead of white content. This puts a different spin on the merchandising process, offering new ways to communicate in an imaginative way with your audience.

oled Curved panel 2
oled-double-sided digital signage(1)

Benefits of Transparent OLED Screen:

*Advertising Revenue: build your own media network throughout the country;

*Reselling to the retailers, or advertise for your own store;

*Renting, set up the products in airport, hospital, school, shopping mall and charge for the advertisement;

*Application airport,  hospital, school, shopping mall ,subway, Gyms and other public places.

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OLED screen display

Specifications Typical Applications
High contrast ratio Retail stores
High speed response Hotels, restaurants and cafes
High transmittance Nightclubs and bars
FHD resolution (1920 x 1080) Jewellery stores
Viewing angle free Hair & beauty salons
Low power consumption Museums & visitor attractions
DE (Data enable) mode Health clubs
The interface (10 lanes @ 1920 x 1080 60Hz) of LVDS Venues

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