Hospitality Signage Solution for Receptions & Lobbies

Interactive Information Hospitality Signage Solution for hotels, restaurants, cafes & spa,inform and entertain your guests at any time and from any place.

Why Whynot Hospitality Signage Solution in Hotel & Spa

Whynot Info Hospitality Signage Solution in Hotel & Spa provides a high-performing workplace as a content communication platform with innovative digital signage technologies enhance opportunities for engagement in retail spaces, especially when they are deployed as part of a larger design and brand strategy.

Large multitouch displays as interactive tables, touch screen kiosk terminals or interactive shop windows for virtual product information in 24/7 operation even after closing time. Transparent screen displays with integrated touch screen as an innovative product showcase of the future.

Hospitality Signage Solution in Hotel & Spa oled signage Transparent OLED Screen
Hospitality Signage Solution in Hotel & Spa

Interactive Hospitality Signage Solution for Hotel, Spa,Restaurants, Cafes,Bars

& Hospitality

10 000+Screens
45+ Countries
best digital display solutions android-motherboard-rk3288 Retail Store Shop-Window solution

Android App Software of Hospitality Signage Solution in Hotel & Spa

Quickly create your own engaging dynamic content based on social media, entertainment channels, news feeds or information services right in your Look personal account. Then just put it into the specific screen area or combine with any other content items within your playlists.We plan to actively expand this section of our CMS and 
in the near future you will find a lot of useful digital signage apps there.


Advanced Layout Designer
Using a highly flexible tool, you can divide the screen into the multiple areas and create a unique layout for your broadcasting.
Interactive Signage
You can create the multi-layered interactive content without writing a single line of a program code.
True 4K
We do not compress video files. If your device supports 4K, it will play the content exactly in this resolution.
Offline Playback
All the scenarios, that has been already uploaded on your players, will proceed to normally playback even in an offline mode.
Best-In-Class 24/7 Customer Support
We help our customers in solving of their issues through our 24/7 online chat available right in their personal accounts.

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