Project Description

Wall Mounted Indoor LCD Screen Digital Signage For Elevator Display


  • The elevator lcd digital signage has single/dual screens which can display advertisements or contents on one or two screens.
  • It’s easy to manage the display contents through digital signage software. Can also upload the contents with USB drive either.
  • It’s convenient to split the same screen to display different format contents, such as video, picture and so on.
  • It has A64/RK3188/3288 motherboard and operating system version updated to Android 7.1.2.
  • It is very easy to install the device on the elevator. Advertising program player in elevator is easy to attract people’s eyes to see the displaying contents.

1.Support Different Network Connections Form Wide Range Of Using Places

Elevator smart advertising display digital signage is used for information and advertising display in the local area network of buildings and office places. It brings rich visual enjoyment when people wait for the elevator and run up and down.  18.5inch+10.1inch elevator digital signage can display up and down simultaneously, or different contents display. It can display the announcement content through network cable, WIFI, 3G/4G and other network connections, for remote publishing and management. It supports word, Excel, PPT document, web page playback, and can be set Multi-period timing switch machine, no special duty required.

elevator digital signage

2.Help to expanded your business influence

Elevator display advertising supports remote control setting, convenient operation and improved confidentiality. Besides, it is dual anti-theft, equipped with door lock protection to prevent multimedia card theft and file content leakage. It is ok for intelligent elevator control system and scientific elevator information, and information management realizes dynamic management and summary analysis. For hidden dangers of accidents, emergency plans and rectification measures are put forward in a timely and scientific manner, which effectively protects the personal and property safety of users. It is the mainstream form of current advertising media.

3.Super Thin And Easy To Install

The wall mounted LCD screen is designed super thin for elevator advertisement display. It is easy to move and install. Please help to check the installation progress:

1).Please open the anti-theft lock at the bottom of the advertising player at first.

2). Unscrew the screws inside and remove the back cover.

3). Fix the back cover in place with screws.

4). Then hang up the advertising player on the back cover.

3.Dual Screens Easy To Display Different Advertisements Contents

Wall mounted lcd digital signage for elevator have one bigger plus small screens, which is easy to display different advertisements such as video, picture, music, text and so on. You can also split the two screens to display different format contents at the same screen. It is also super slim and nice outer case. In addition, it’s easy to move and manage for after service. It has speaker to play music to attract people’s eyes and look the advertisement contents.

4.Easy To Upload The Advertisements Through software Or USB

The dual screens digital signage for elevator advertisements display is easy to upload the contents. The device can install app for contents uploading with 4G module. You can edit the contents through software at computer and then upload the contents through Wifi and the Internet. In addition, the device have 2 USB interfaces. You can edit the contents at the software at computer and then upload the contents with USB drive into the kiosk directly.