Project Description

Desktop 3D Holographic Display

Desktop 3D Holographic Display attract people, spread and share the contents of advertisement,can hang wall, ceiling, install by display stand.

  • ✓3d holographic system can play most digital contents with impressive visual effect.
  • ✓Easy installation – 3d holographic fan can be installed on walls or frames.
  • ✓3D Holographic technologies with vivid 3d floating video image to catch consumer eyes in deep impression.
  • ✓3d Hologram LED fan apply to shopping mall, cloths store, restaurant, museum, jewellery shops, and many other retails outlets.
  • ✓Software is compatible with MP4, Avi, Rmvb, GIF, JPG,mkv,Png 3D Effect Formats Download contents fm computer to TF card,plug TF card to 3D led hologram fan,power on and it starts to rotating and displays 3D visual image. 3d desktop hologram fan display

Desktop 3D Holographic Display Advantages:

3D holographic device that can perform well at a lower cost and provide a breathtaking 3D visual experience to display content in 3D. The solution offers low-power consumption along with portability, attractiveness and performance. It’s one of the best solutions while presenting at exhibitions, major shopping centers, metro stations, hotels and other important areas.

To captivate audiences who require immersive experiences with 3D hologram display, Whynot Info Tech led Hologram display offers their single-unit solution or several of these in a single location.This solution will no doubt to make your brand to be the center of attention because of its amazing visual impact and increases the probability of higher sales and maximized returns.



Each case is formed to fit your exact blade model and offers a snug fit around the unit. Perfect for a table top or counter display.

Diameter: 40CM (15.7 inch 640P)
LED: 224pcs Resolution:640*224
Support mirco SD card:8G,can be extended to 64G
Viewing angle: 160 degrees
Power rating: 10W
Weight: 0.7kg/1.3kg
Support format: mp4, avi, rmvb, mkv, gif, jpg,png

Color box:45*14*15cm NW:4.5KG GW:5.5KG
Carton box:667*100*780cm 8pcs GW:44KG

★Please DO NOT disassemble the product without professionals in order to avoid damage or personal injury.

Desktop 3D Holographic Display


Please install the product in the position (like over 3.5m Height)which the human can not contact, otherwise must have the protective cover.
In the target mounting area, set 3 fixed holes like below,and the aperture is 8mm install the base
Put the machine on the base and with the SD card ,power on,it will work right now
Firstly take the TF card from machine and plug to Card reader, and then plug USB to computer

Secondly open the TF card and Copy the software to computer and check the READ ME .txt .Open the software
Open picture JPG , Png
Open videoMP4, Avi,Rmvb,gif
Plug TF card into LED FAN and power on