Project Description

Smart Interactive Whiteboard 55-98″

interactive whiteboard

Smart Interactive Whiteboard Features:

  • User can download relative office apps from Apps store to help enterprise improve the  efficiency.There are more software suppliers would be took part in and more software will be developed to meet different requirements in near future,more extension services and full of possibilities to enterprise.
  • Scan QR code and Share meeting memoConstantly saved meeting contents,participants can easily take the meeting memo through scanning the QR code,and automatic save the meeting memo in phone or ipad which can share at any time.
  • Multi-touch functions.Brightness will be changed with behavior sensor,when writing on screen it turns to dark, the pen move away screen it turns to bright.Support remote controller to operate build-in PC program.Top smoothly experience without any delay on touching and writing by finger or pen.
  • Multi-channel comment for perfect electronic Whiteboard Make note at any interface any time,Android fluent writing software can insert graph, pictures which can save and writing at any interface,writing color can custom setting.Move,zoom out and eraser function can switch arbitrary.Large area for touching screen can quick call an eraser function.
  • Simple design and easy installationSlim and simple looking with integrated design.installed by wall mounted or movable floor stand which can fit different meeting environment.Wall mounted  +  Floor standing
  • Smart signal switch automatically External VGA/HDMI Connected,system can read signal source and can automatically switch.No more setting.
  •  Smart sharing pictures,music,videos or moviesShare your computer’s or mobile phone’s pictures,music,videos or movies to smart board in real time which you can control and operate it in two-way.
  • Wireless sync in two-way operationWireless sync with all equipments compatible,send ppt/pictures to smart whiteboard from phone,tablet or laptop by a click and can operate in two-way, page down and continue to make comments once your device control the screen,documents would be easy flashing on screen and switching.Meeting would be more vivid and no more limits by space.
  • Make smart phone screen as mouse touchpad to control whiteboardOnce mobile device connected smart interactive whiteboard,phone screen can be touchpad to control whiteboard,shake the mobile phone to page up/page down.
  • The projection of the mouseUse the mobile phone as a mouse.
  • Teleconference same screen in difference placeNo need expensive private video conference system,just connect by wifi then realize the steady,fluent ,HD video conference.Under teleconference the screen can share the same in different place,whiteboard support two-way writing operation which can discuss interaction.

Extreme Performance

Powerful hardware for both Windows and Android, Inbuilt storage included, High-Capacity RAM

Our interactive smart whiteboards for business and smart whiteboards for classrooms come equipped with powerful Intel processors for smoothly running the Windows 10 operating system and coupled with enough RAM for great multitasking. Android 8 OS is well optimized to run with the quad-core chip present on the Android system for lag-free user experience.

interactive whiteboard chip