4K Video Conference&Showroom Interactive Smart Display Screens

Multi-window video-meeting system for 4K Video Conference&Showroom,interactive touch display screens for smart classrooms.

Develop more creative 4K Video Conference&Showroom solutions together with Interactive Digital Signage Touchscreen for Meetings & Teamwork.

Work environment in businesses is gradually evolving with the rise of mobility and a new work culture characterized by connectivity and ever increasing digital data. With these changes, employees nowadays share and use visual data for discussions and meetings and they can also communicate and work remotely when necessary.

Gather several people around an interactive Multitouch system and promote communication within the team, creating a positive, creative, motivated and productive working environment.

interactive smart whiteboard
4K Video Conference&Showroom whiteboard

 Large Interactive Smart 4K Video Conference&Showroom Display with superior screen quality. And one that’s easy to set up meeting system & environment.

10 000+ Screens
1200+ Users
45+ Countries
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4K Video Conference&Showroom Solution

As the tasks become more complex and difficult, collaboration or solving problems together will become the normal approach to work. When conducting a meeting, time is wasted while connecting external devices, including notebook, to display in the room. Nowadays employees prefer working in advanced and collaborative environment rather than conventional workspaces. Different forms of collaborations such as idea meeting, data sharing, and interdepartmental meeting become more convenient by making digital signage a part the workplace.
Interactive Signage
You can create the multi-layered interactive content without writing a single line of a program code.

True 4K Video Conference&Showroom

We do not compress video files. If your device supports 4K, it will play the content exactly in this resolution.

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