Project Description

30cm 3d LED Backpack hologram display fan


1. 3d LED hologram Fan Backpack with transparent protective cover to protect user safety

2. Power supply modes:

1)     LED hologram  backpack display fan need to plug type-C 5V2A power supply.

2)  5V power bank to connect to the Type-C interface of hologram display; or plug in Type-c charger for power supply.

4) As a walker backpack led advertising display fan, it’s portable and attractive for outdoor advertising.

3.The 30cm 3d LED hologram backpack ad player diameter is 30cm, the number of lamp beads is 224/256pcs, and the distance between the lamps is the shortest! Only 1.15mm, the resolution is very high!

4.The complete package does not exceed 3.5-4KGS (including protective cover, bracket, battery, machine, packaging accessories, etc.), which can be suitable for online promotion!

5.Support OEM, MOQ=100pcs with your logo!


3D holographic backpack display that can perform well at a lower cost and provide a breathtaking 3D visual experience to display content in 3D. The solution offers low-power consumption along with portability, attractiveness and performance. It’s one of the best solutions while presenting at exhibitions, major shopping centers, metro stations, hotels and other important areas.

To captivate audiences who require immersive experiences with 3D holographic display, Whynot Info Tech led Hologram display offers their single-unit solution or several of these in a single location.This solution will no doubt to make your brand to be the center of attention because of its amazing visual impact and increases the probability of higher sales and maximized returns.

3d hologram display backpack
3d backpack hologram advertising