Project Description

3D Holographic Christmas Ball led Hologram Fan Display FIFA Football

The led hologram fan display delivers a suprising viviad 3d experience to your audience! Spinning blades fitted with LEDs create a dazzling full color display that appears to “float” in space. Upload your video or static images to the internal hardware, and watch while the SpectraBlade arrests the attention of your audience! Once your content is uploaded to the unit, you can easily control your playlist remotely. Use a single unit either mounted to your display, or housed in a custom display case. Chain multiple units together for breathtaking large scale displays! Video/Image content not included. Custom 3D/Image services available at additional cost.

3d hologram fan display

Hologram Fan Features:

Led hologram fan display function :  Light stick for concert/party/christmas, advertisement player

Connection way:WIFI upload by android phone

Support:any photo and video, jpg, gif mp4

Resolution: 300PX
Bringhtness: 500cd/m²
Frame Rate: 10fps
Led Beads Qty: 48pcs
View angle: 160°
Power: 2.5w
Roating speed: 2300r/min
Flash: 8M/60s
Adapter voltage: 5V

China Supplier 3D Hologram Projection Fan New Advertising Christmas tree ball Equipment 3D Holographic Led Fan Display

[3D LED Hologram Xmas Ball]: We perfectly combine 15cm 3D holographic fan to Christmas balls, vivid 3D Christmas effect makes you
feel it completely appears in the air and creates best attraction for your Xmas decoration.

[Excellent Christmas theme video]: 60s Christmas 3D video loop playback in the ball, including candy, wreath, Santa
Claus,socks,Christmas tree,500 lumens works great on day and night.

[Kids & Pet Friendly]: Made of Premium Plastic, Shatterproof balls are combine the beauty and luster of real glass with the
unbreakable practicality of plastic. Ideal for families with kids and pets. Set you free from worrying about them getting hurt and
glass shards everywhere.
[Amazing Color Definition]: ornaments are silvered on the inside giving them the absolute best color definition possible.
Includes 6 styles: Red,Green,Gold, Metallic-red,green,gold.

[Easy to Us]: Christmas ornaments clearance is 15cm in diameter, equipped with a hook for easy hang, 0.5kg lightweight for most
Christmas trees. 1meter long power cord is enough to use in any scene.

[Perfect Christmas Ornaments]: Decorate Christmas, weddings, engagements, anniversaries, party variegated displays, decorations
hanging on branches, table decorations, railings, receptions, etc. It is also a great choice for commercial holiday decoration.

The perfect Christmas themed craft DIY items such as wreaths, garlands and ball paintings

led hologram fan display 15cm (4)


Make great addition to your Christmas decorations and holiday decoration. Perfect home decor for a variegated display of Christmas, wedding, engagement, anniversary, party, as hanging ornaments on tree branches, table centerpieces, around banister,above reception, etc. It is also a great choice for commercial holiday decorations. Perfect for Christmas theme craft DIYprojects, such as wreath, garland, and balls painting.

Advantages of our 3d led fan display:

3d led holographic fan display 10cm that can perform well at a lower cost and provide a breathtaking 3D visual experience to display content in 3D. The solution offers low-power consumption along with portability, attractiveness and performance. It’s one of the best solutions while presenting at exhibitions, major shopping centers, metro stations, hotels and other important areas.

To captivate audiences who require immersive experiences with 3D holographic display, Whynot Info Tech hand led hologram fan display offers a mobile advertising solution ,every one can take it in hand when hanging out.This solution will no doubt to make your brand to be the center of attention because of its amazing visual impact and increases the probability of higher sales and maximized returns.