Is There Any 2k/4K Interactive Lcd video Wall Solutions For Commercial Advertising?

Information technology about Interactive Lcd video Wall solution is a simple, cost effective communication solution designed to create a high impact visual experience in stunning detail with Ultra High 4K definition.

There are two approaches to creating a video wall in 2k/4K resolution:

  1. 2*2 46″49″55″ lcd videos wall project can be easily realized 2k/4K signal through video wall controller,dispenser or computer.
  2. Using displays with built in loopthrough capability to split the signal from the matrix to more complex video wall layouts multiple screens.

In order to enhance the effective and visual-impact dwellings amusement scene,lcd video wall visual technology provides a special solution to upgrade home environments into an amazing leisure experience through media entertainment and digital technology.The solution of splicing video wall for home brings a shinning visual experience to media rooms and living spaces to have the feeling like cinematic atmosphere into bedroom theater.People who stay at home can have the feeling of watching a movie (OR play gaming) like cinema for leisure time at home.

  • Exhibition Commercial Display- LCD video wall and large-screen seamless lcd tvs wall  are magnificent and have a strong visual impact experience.
  • CCTV Monitor Wall-

    which is used to monitor the situations for every place to ensure any emergency situations.

  • Attraction from anywhere –  Large and impressive video walls are feature attractions in sports bars, restaurants and similar venues, hos Save pitality sector,making for incredible sports viewing and creating opportunities for entertainment and events.

  • Real-time Information & News Releases– Information and news can be released to large big tvs wall display now and then.Real-time’s of information releases to help owners saving time and publicity costs.

  • Entirely software controller based – In large spaces such as the lobby,a larger lcd tvs wall display screen, which can flexibly change and broadcast information at any time, making it more flexible.

  • Any Terminal of devices – In the bar, use the monitor + large screen linkage display to create an atmosphere and respond to different scenarios at any time.

lg oled curved video wall
Glass free 3D display screenand lcd video wall

Interactive Lcd video Wall applications

Communicate your commercial’s activities, brand values, live TV and promotional videos, as well as dynamic real time information to provide your staff and visitors a creative, engaging and informative experience. Applications for these video walls include:

Public space advertising and hospitality

  • VIP Lounges
  • Restaurants and bars
  • Airports and train stations
  • Retail/shopping centers

Corporate and employee communication

  • Call Centers
  • Financial – stocks and shares
  • Corporate breakout areas
  • Information centers

Beyond a Video Wall-The World’s Narrowest 0.44/0.88mm Even Bezel Video-Wall.

large wall screen displayss

Seamless Large Interactive Lcd video Wall with Ultra-Narrow Bezel

The ultra-narrow bezel creates a visually stunning digital wall to effectively deliver dynamic content and immerse the viewers. The large screen it generates is enough to captivate the attention of passersby..

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