Hand Sanitizer Digital Kiosk

Catches visitors eyes,gains customer’s trust, communicate information effectively.



Contactless hand sanitizer kiosk with multitouch display. Easy to refill with your own disinfectants. Touchscreen apps available.The contactless, automatic hand sanitizer digital kiosk terminal offers optimum protection for your customers and employees. It combines the possibilities of an interactive touchscreen solution with the protection of a simple, touchless hand disinfection. The integrated multitouch screen offers a familiar smartphone-like touch experience at the point of sale and point of information. Use any disinfectant, these can be refilled easily and quickly.

  • Contact-less hand desinfection-Automatic hand sanitizer via IR sensor

  • Capacitive/IR Multitouch display– Smartphone-like touch experience

  • Flexible setup– Use floor stand or mount kiosk to a wall

  • Customizable apps– Simply download via Google play AppStore.

  • Integrated mediaplayer– High performance multimedia PC (Windows).

  • Promotion & Information delevering  -Entertain visitors, reduce waiting time,offer exciting interactive experiences at the point of sale: Get maximum attention for your brands, products and services.

Interactive Digital Signage Dispenser

Wireless Digital Signage Dispenser is a device that can display the advertising contents in image or video file, and automatically dispense the Sanitizer or Liquid Soap at the same time. Comparing to the traditional Digital Signage, this smart device can catch more target audience. The Content Management Server allows you to control all wireless digital signage by any internet-connected computer from anywhere in the world. The automatic dispenser can dispense the hand sanitizer or liquid hand soap without touch to avoid any cross-infection.


21.5 inches hand washing sanitizer digital signage-1

Maximum Customer Security

Gain the trust of your customers with this combination of interactive touchscreen sanitizer dispenser solution with contact-less hand disinfection.



Hand Sanitizer Digital Kiosk Amaze customers, increase sales

21.5 inches hand washing sanitizer digital signage


1.Auto dispenser(with Hand sanitizer or No-wash disinfection hand sanitizer)

2.internet Control:  All setting and contents upgrade can be done by any internet-connected PC from anywhere;    

3.Content Management:  Upload video or image file and Schedule Playlist from Server;

4.Assign / Group LCD:  Assign a device to different User, Group them according to demand, assign different contents for Different Group; 

5.Auto Power on / Power off Setup the auto power on/off time from the server remotely;

6.Real-time Status:  Check the health of each signage from Management Server; Make you maintain all devices in time;



1.Auto Dispense:  Auto Dispense by Sensor, touch free to avoid cross-infection;

2.Dispensing Life:  The life of our dispenser is more than 650000 times;

Product Name:Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Digital Signage

Material:Metal Frame,LCD Panel,Plastic

Unit Size:1165*368*160mm


Advertising player,Camera ,Printer ,Human Sensor,Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

OS: Android 4.4 1g ram+8g rom or USB/SD card plug&play

Internet:WiFi;Optional 4G;Ethernet RJ45;Bluetooth

Interface:RJ45 port;USB port;WiFi port;On/Off Switch

Touch Screen Option:Capacitive touch screen/IR touch screen/Touch foil

Video format:MPEG-1,MPEG-2,MPEG-4,H.264,H.265,RV etc.,support up to 1080p



Offer exciting interactive experiences at the point of sale: Get maximum attention for your brands, products and services.

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