How many kind of glass-free 3D display screen?

3d effect digital signage display screen including glass-free 3D display screen and 3d Glass free 3D video wall ,which prevails and picks up momentum.

It has the right combination of technology and timing fm traditional 2D displays to 3D display. After years of quiet development, Stream TV Networks has started manufacturing displays with its 3D technology—displays that don’t require glasses.

  • Improved 3d effect technology-no need 3D glass. you can see the 3D effect directly.

  • Enhanced performance -Compared with common 3D film, and VR glass,

  • 3D advertising media player -it combined with advertising player.

  • Available 3d screen size -We can do different screen size model, from 12inch ~65inch.

  • Make special 3d effect program for your promotion items-Customization vedio content for your brand.

  • 3d image and videos  – to display 3d effect program like beer, cigarrette, cloth, make up items, pearls etc.

We have been studying how to display advertising more exciting and effective.Glass-free 3D display screen is the perfect improved visual technolgy in 3d display feilds.

3D lcd monitor

Amazing Glass-free 3D display screen 3d visual effect

3D effect is a bit subtle, with less apparent depth than most other stereoscopic systems (or the very convincing depth effect on a virtual reality headset). Still, there’s a distinct layering to the image that draws your attention immediately, and it helps focus that attention to the foreground action and away from the blurry background.

glass free 3D digital signage and video wall

Features and functions:

1. Advertisement
2. Vivid 3D effect
3. Easy to catch customers attention
4. Support 9 views, 2D+Z and left/right format


5.The Advertising Kiosk Display provides a significant opportunity for customer by engaging with the consumer via animated content.

6.Plug and Play with Network CMS Upgrade.

7.Commercial Grade with no external buttons or controls for tampering.

8.Wide viewing angle (178°)

9.Full HD resolution (1920×1080) provide images with life-like detail and panoramic content view.

10.24*7 operation and dependability with Black Mura prevention technology restricting panel blackening even after long periods of use.

And with the help of a CMS solution, you will be able to control the display and its operations on the go, thanks to its built-in Wi-Fi and RJ45 connections. This allows us to play any video content at any specified time along with customized timer options. Our range of display screens also offers 24/7 operational reliability that ensures longer usage, wide-viewing angles.

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