Can advertising lcd digital signage be placed in Cinema?

The answer is definitely yes,our advertising lcd digital signage can be place in many commercial areas.

This is not only the digital signage for roll-play movies introduction,multi-function can be extended,such as cinema seat selection,movie ticket buying and printing,interactive gaming playing etc.Many operation can be done via our advertising lcd digital signage in the surrounding crowd surging area.

Dynamic text/photo/video programs are displayed on digital signage at key locations within or outside offices, shops, and other public spaces.,advertising on lcd digital signage can be shown as eye catching ‘red; amber; green’ graphics or simple percentages with customizable messaging. Digital data from CCTV cameras is used to trigger content depending on real-time display.

  • Media Display -Can play videos and photos in multiple zones on our lcd digital signage.

  •  Local content updates – Can make instant announcements, play content on demand,update menu boards or room booking schedules

  • Access from anywhere – to get important data on screen automatically.

  • Real-time backups -With IP Streaming to get live HD video and TV on screen.

  • Engage with interactivity -Make commands over the network from virtually any type of interactive device: motion sensors, touch, IR remote controls and building control automation solutions. Likewise external devices can be put under playlist control.

  • Ideal for feature video walls – Standard layout video walls can be created using the displays’ loopthrough capability or a feature video wall can be managed using a 4K NTB and a Datapath video wall controller. This makes video walls much more cost effective.

Decrease Wastage

Avoid the need for physical brochures, paper maps, and guides.

Dynamic content removes the requirement for costly reprints when information is outdated.


Lcd Advertising digital signage totem

Visitor Experience through advertising lcd digital signage screen


Enhance the visitor experience with less stress in navigating an unfamiliar property.

Reduce administrative resource spent guiding visitors to their preferred destination


Increase Revenue

Deliver third party dynamic advertising on Digital Signage for an additional revenue stream.

Guide visitors to revenue-generating onsite amenities such as restaurants and shops

Our advertising digital signagne provides monitoring, maintenance and media playout audit reports. CMS helps you manage your network efficiently as it grows to several hundred or more players and their screens.

Whynot Info Tech digital signage player suppors touch screen signage, turn it into a powerful platform for interactive solutions within kiosks or wall mounted installations. Accredited content partners offer a wide range of touch solutions that can enhance your signage installations with interactivity.

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